Voice and SMS Surveys with FluidSurveys.com

Conduct surveys by phone and SMS with TwHello’s “built-in” FluidSurveys Integration.

FluidSurveys.com in online survey software that lets you:

  • Easily create interactive, engaging surveys & forms.
  • Collect responses online, offline & via mobile.
  • Gain intelligent insights with powerful analytics.
  • Integrate with the web’s most useful tools.

And, now with TwHello, you can use FluidSurveys to:

  • Collect responses via phone and SMS.

Ready to start? Visit www.TwHello.com.

How It Works

TwHello connects to your FluidSurveys account via its Survey API.  TwHello provides a simple JavaScript API that handles the boring REST calls behind-the-scenes.  When a customer calls or TXTs, TwHello reads the survey and loops through each question, waiting for an answer by key press or voice response.  This continues until the survey is complete.

You can login to your FluidSurveys account to view a report on the responses or even modify the survey.  In most cases, you will not need to touch TwHello as your survey changes will be seen automatically.

For a live demo of FluidSurveys on TwHello, call or TXT “Hello” to 949-337-1430.

 Requirements and Capabilities

To begin, you will need to sign-up for a FluidSurveys account.  They offer a limited free account, so there is no risk and no cost to try it out.

To sign-up for free, click here.

TwHello integration currently supports “single-answer” Basic Questions: Text Response, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Checkbox and Yes/No.  Text Response questions can be answered by transcriptions of voice responses.  Note: Support for the “Grid” questions is coming soon.

Getting Started

Every TwHello account includes a free template to help you quickly integrate with FluidSurveys.  Please modify or borrow from the template in any way you like to customize the survey experience to your requirements.

See our JavaScript API Documentation for FluidSurveys integration guidance and a code sample.

Let Us Help You

If you don’t have the time or technical skills to integrate TwHello with your FluidSurveys account, our professional services department will be happy to assist you. Please contact them via our support page.

Questions or comments?  Please contact us via the same support page.

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