Voice and SMS Surveys with FluidSurveys.com

Conduct surveys by phone and SMS with TwHello’s “built-in” FluidSurveys Integration.

FluidSurveys.com in online survey software that lets you:

  • Easily create interactive, engaging surveys & forms.
  • Collect responses online, offline & via mobile.
  • Gain intelligent insights with powerful analytics.
  • Integrate with the web’s most useful tools.

And, now with TwHello, you can use FluidSurveys to:

  • Collect responses via phone and SMS.

Ready to start? Visit www.TwHello.com.

How It Works

TwHello connects to your FluidSurveys account via its Survey API.  TwHello provides a simple JavaScript API that handles the boring REST calls behind-the-scenes.  When a customer calls or TXTs, TwHello reads the survey and loops through each question, waiting for an answer by key press or voice response.  This continues until the survey is complete.

You can login to your FluidSurveys account to view a report on the responses or even modify the survey.  In most cases, you will not need to touch TwHello as your survey changes will be seen automatically.

For a live demo of FluidSurveys on TwHello, call or TXT “Hello” to 949-337-1430.

 Requirements and Capabilities

To begin, you will need to sign-up for a FluidSurveys account.  They offer a limited free account, so there is no risk and no cost to try it out.

To sign-up for free, click here.

TwHello integration currently supports “single-answer” Basic Questions: Text Response, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Checkbox and Yes/No.  Text Response questions can be answered by transcriptions of voice responses.  Note: Support for the “Grid” questions is coming soon.

Getting Started

Every TwHello account includes a free template to help you quickly integrate with FluidSurveys.  Please modify or borrow from the template in any way you like to customize the survey experience to your requirements.

See our JavaScript API Documentation for FluidSurveys integration guidance and a code sample.

Let Us Help You

If you don’t have the time or technical skills to integrate TwHello with your FluidSurveys account, our professional services department will be happy to assist you. Please contact them via our support page.

Questions or comments?  Please contact us via the same support page.

Micro Business Automated Phone System

TwHello is pleased to release a workflow template for a simple automated phone system.  This template is perfect for very small businesses that want to project a larger presence.  Among other things, this application routes calls, records voice messages and sends out alert messages.  The workflow is now included in every TwHello account for unrestricted use by TwHello users.  For example, use it as (1) a quick start guide for training, (2) an automated phone system for your businesses or (3) a base for your own solution to sell to your clients.

To try a demo of the automated assistant, call (949) 430-6602.

Application Features

The automated phone system begins with a welcome message and a list of menu options to access the following features:

[1] General Information
A simple message about the business, web site, email, etc.

[2] Employee Directory
A list of employees or departments. Making a selection by pressing a key will forward the call to the respective phone number.

[3] Get a Quote
Forwards the call to another phone number.  New business is job #1.  Makes this number one that is likely to be answered.

[4] Leave a Message
Records a message from the caller and sends a URL of a MP3 file to a number of your choice.  Of course, the URL and transcript are available in Twilio’s admin.

[5] Frequently Asked Questions
Lists a series of questions and, depending on the caller’s selection, plays the appropriate answer .  This is similar to the Employee Directory and can really be a list of anything.

[6] Direction to Our Office
Sends an SMS message with an address to the caller’s phone.  This address is generally converted to a link by the messaging client that opens a map application.  You could always send a shortened link to a Google map.

[0] Message Emergency Support
Sends an SMS message to an emergency contact who is available 24/7 for quick responses.

Workflow Construction

The flow of the call is orchestrated with our drag-n-drop interface.  The call begins with the “WelcomeMenu” element that is set as the Home Element.  It lists the menu options and requests the caller’s input.  The following “ProcessSelection” element routes the call based on that input to one of the seven features.  Once a features is complete, the “ContinueOrHangup” element gives the caller the option to hear the menu options again.

Workflow Screenshot

Screenshot of the Auto Phone System Workflow.

The logic and output of each element is determined by the JavaScript code “bound” to each element.

Here is an example of the TwHello JavaScript for the “EmployeeDirectory” element:

function doEmployeeDirectoryResponse(req, resp) {
    var verbs = [];
    for( var i in directory )
        verbs.push(new Twilio.Verb.Say("Press "+ (+i+1) +" for "+ directory[i].name +". "));
    verbs.push(new Twilio.Verb.Say("Enter your selection or press 0 for the main menu. "));
    var gather = new Twilio.Verb.Gather().withNumDigits(1).withVerbs(verbs);
    var noResp = new Twilio.Verb.Say("Your selection was not understood.");
    var redir = new Twilio.Verb.Redirect();
    resp.send(gather, noResp, redir);

As you can see, our JavaScript library mirrors the TwiML docs closely, with a few exceptions.  You can review the JavaScript library documentation here.

Getting Started

Now that you are excited about your new automated phone system, let’s set it up!  Follow this link to open our step-by-step quick start guide to get you up-and-running in minutes.


TwHello is WordPress for Twilio

Welcome to our new TwHello blog.  Bookmark this page as it is the first place where TwHello news, updates, tips and previews will appear.

Now, let’s get to what TwHello can do for you.  If you are building voice and messaging applications, using TwHello will…

  1. Make you more money.
  2. Save you time.
  3. Extend your capabilities.

TwHello is to Twilio what WordPress is to blogging.  If you want to start a blog, you don’t start from scratch.  You fire up WordPress and leave the boring back-end stuff to it.  Similarly with Twilio, if you want to build a complex voice app, you don’t start from scratch.  Well, you don’t need to start from scratch any longer.  Just fire up TwHello, configure your call logic and leave the boring back-end stuff to us.  By using TwHello, you can turn around projects more quickly and manage them more cheaply.  That will make you more money and save you time.  TwHello also lets you leverage advanced features right out-of-the-box to easily extend your capabilities.

What is TwHello?
The TwHello development platform is an online IDE and JavaScript editor for Twilio-powered applications.  Users design apps with a flow-chart-like, drag-n-drop UI. Call logic is programmed and executed in JavaScript.  The TwHello JavaScript library supports access to database and file storage, REST API communication, simple Salesforce integration and Google Analytics tracking.  Users deploy their applications to TwHello’s cloud service on AWS, avoiding infrastructure maintenance and IT costs.

Enough chit-chat.  Learn more about TwHello by clicking here.